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Gray water is no more unknown word, its a common phrase and something to look how to do. Investors, companies and firms are waling hand to hand with governments and global activists and promoting water saving systems to re using gray water, for the best of all.

Domestic gray water system can reduce the need of fresh water at more than 40%. The meaning of this water save is that more water are not needed since the ability to re use water again and again. The home based process to re using gray water is called the domestic gray water systems and is three steps process:

1.    Collecting the Gray water from the home sinks, showers, washing machine and so on. Even the dishes machine can supply gray water, but for that you must use special liquid instead of the washing powder.

2.    Cleaning and purifying the water, either by chemicals or by green solutions. There are ecological pools and systems to use in order to let water plants and flowers to do the cleaning process.    

3.    Supplying the clean gray water to the needs around the house. Either for the garden, for washing, for the toilet flush or other needs, you must deliver the clean water to the right place.

Domestic gray water system is not cheap and demand constructions but the potential is huge. Re using gray water privately can save both water and money and for the long term can be the best solutions for water problems.


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