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The task is global, find ways to save water. Each and every one of us, the planet citizens are able to save water. If its at home, when we are cooking, taking shower or washing the clothes, if its at work, while we are using water for industrial courses and agricultural causes and if its on the way. This task is very important while we all facing water conservation problems all over the world.

Since we all able to save water, the main question which is left is how to save water? How the small person, you, me and him, can save water in a daily basis, in order to make the act for the water conservation problems. 

Saving water activities are divided to the actions you must take and the actions able to take. There are some options to save water that are so obvious and clear. It seems like if you don’t know them, you will find I hard to learn how to save water. These tasks are the actions to fix leaks for example. Why should they be there, it’s a total lost of fresh water and there is no real cause to loose this water. Another act to save water is of course to learn the options to use less water. At home it's like taking shorter showers, closing the tap while soaping and shaving. Also to operate the washing machines only when they are full never wash the car with pipe and so on. These all are simple saving water actions to take.

The second act is more difficult and consumed time and some money. These tasks are educational and must be learned. These are the saving water acts you are able to take for the water conservation. Installing gray water systems at home, for reusing all water you need. Save flushes and laundries as a way of living, collect harvesting water for summer use and more.

All these are action to take for the water conservation means you know how to save water. The only thing needed for knowing how to save water is education- water saving education.


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