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Gray water is a new term than was born from the necessary to reuse water for second cause. Also known as sullage water, its non-industrial water which are generated from domestic processes like bathing, dish washing, laundry and kitchen.

Today's Gray water recycling systems can be installed in existing houses, apartments and businesses and in new ones even faster. The several of options and systems to install give the answer to any kind of need in order to produce gray water.

Before you install any Gray water system, calculate the potential in the save of water. Think how many baths and showers you are taken and how much water are going to waste. Now think of the flushes in the toilet you are having a day and see if these can be done with the amount of gray water you would like to make.

Home Gray water system operates in the following way; it collects waste water from all house washbasins ( or some of them like baths and  showers ). The water is treated some and stored in a tank. When they are needed, like to flush the toilet, the pump pumps the Gray water to the right place, toilet, garden, or any other cause.

Gray water systems save water and save money in the long term.


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