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Saving Water At Home

Saving water at home is maybe the easiest of all ways to save water since it’s the place with the highest waste.

There is so much fresh water which is going to waste at any home use and it's so easy to save them. 

Here are some basic steps to save water at home.

Save water at the kitchen:

1.    Load the dishwasher to the top before use it. Do not half load it because the "half load" programs still takes more than half of the water. Use only full dishwashers. Still use the savings programs.
2.    Close the tap while soaping the dishes; close it when you are doing anything else in the kitchen. 
3.    Wash the vegetables and fruits in a bawl instead of under running water. Reuse the bowl water for other causes like plant and washing the windows.
4.    When you boil water in a kettle, use the exact water amount you need. Boiling more water than needed is a waste of energy and waste of water.

Save water at the bathroom:

1.    #1 toilet rule: Let the yellow- mellow, flash down only if it's brown.
2.    While shaving, brushing teethes, washing hands or anything else, closes the tap water from running.
3.    Do not bath, take a shower. It’s a significant save of water.
4.    Cut your showers to half of the time. You don’t need to stand under the water for hours really.
5.    Use smart savers on the tap, toilet flow and shower.
6.    Look for leaks, track them and fix them 


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