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Saving Water In The Garden

Using garden water is never a compulsory, it’s a bonus. You enjoy the green grass, the plants and the flowers. Learn to enjoy all these with less use of water. For garden needs, you can use gray water for almost all plants. This kind of reuse water can be fresh enough for flowers and grass.

Here are some additional steps in order to keep green garden with less water:

   1. Use any kind of water evaporation preventers. Wood chips, bark or some kind of gravel can do the job. This will prevent the loss of water and will make the garden look prettier.
   2. Plant hard flowers and plants that uses less water to grow. There are some great herbs and colorful flowers to plant which are using less than half of the water than others.
   3. Water the garden in the early cool hours or at night. It’s a great save of water since no water are evaporates.
   4. Use water meters to make the save in water even bigger.
   5. Recycle used water from the kitchen, car wash and other sources in your garden.

There are some additional steps, long terms ones, you can take in order to save water in the garden. Installing big rain water tanks, designing the garden and planting plastic grass instead of real one are some of them. But the main idea is simple, the water you are using is water for gardening, there are a lot to save without harming your pleasure.


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