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Saving water in Agriculture


The world population is growing daily and so the need for food. Every day, there are more and more mouths to feed, more and more plantation to take care of, more and more water to use. The modern agriculture knows how to use smaller ground area with less water to produce more agriculture products.

Agriculture, water saving technologies, know how to use less water for the specific plantation, how to reuse some of the water and to recycle them. The main idea is to use the minimum amount of water needed and to optimize the usage. Water saving in agriculture technologies such as drip irrigation and water saving bacteria's are these days part of any modern plantation.

Rice for example is an agriculture area which water takes major part of. Around 25% of the rice costs is the water cost, since there are large amounts needed. Using water saving technologies the agricultures are able to maintain and increase the rice productivity in limited water times. The water save also saves energy since less water need to be pumped and piped .This additional save can lower the growth prices and make the product more market competitor.

Same like Rice, saving water in the cotton industry reduce the operating costs and help to increase productivity and farm efficiency. The less water you are able to use, the less you will pay both for water and for energy. The Australian cotton industry adopted advanced water saving technologies and their productivity is the highest in the world. In Australia they achieved to produce 227 Kg of lint with every 1000 liters of water. In the US, Pakistan and UK, the numbers are cut to half.

Those examples are just the briefly information about the need and solutions for water usage sin agriculture. The most area to investigate, its simple to see that with less water and advanced technologies, you can have lower prices and higher productivity.


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