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Saving water tips


Saving water is all about awareness and education. The awareness of the need to save water, to recycle water and to consume less water for daily use, is already half way through. All that is needed now is to take the right actions, easy steps, and save water.

Here is short collection of saving water tips:

1.    Water is not a game, its recourse. Use water only for water causes as drinking washing and cleaning. Avoid playing water games, filling water pools for no reason and such games. These acts by the way are also conserved by your family and friends; show them the way to save water. Show them how to use water wise technologies.
2.    Report water looses around you. Broken pipes, abandoned flowing wells and open taps are to be report about. Call the authorities and tell them about the loss, ask people to fix their linking taps and to save more water.
3.    Reduce the personal need of water. Think about the water when you are taking your shower or washing the dishes. Try to think how you can use less water, how you can re use them and how you can teach your ideas around.
4.    Install water wise technology. This technology was developed for you and for people who cares about saving water. Water wise technologies are available for the kitchen, bathroom, garage, working facilities and out doors areas.
5.    Collect used water and reuse them for second needs. You can use Gray water systems for that and you can do it by yourself. For example, place pot below you when you take your shower and collect all the used water. Take these water to your garden and feed your plants.

More green tips and saving water tips to come.


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