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Water facts


 Here are some basic facts about water.

1.    In the most of the western world, bottle of water costs more than bottle of gasoline.
2.    Human kind use only 0.3% of the water on earth
3.    One billion people need to travel more than 1 kilometer for drinking water.
4.    In the 20th century, 4000 kids are dying every day because of lack in clean water.
5.    Mineral water you are buying are not always mineral.
6.    The bottled water industry is much polluted. Bottles production, transport the bottles and litter.
7.    The tap water can be healthier than bottled water since it has all the natural needs.
8.    70% of the earth surface is water, the problem in to make it available for all.

Does any of the above have something to do with you? you bet you do! Get to know the above water facts because they all mention to you and to the way you use water.

This is the time to start save water, want to know more ways to save water? browse this site.


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