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Water saving products and systems to use are very common. The reason to find them in private houses, working areas and outdoors is most of the times financially. People understood that saving water can be economic for them and with some basic water saving products, they can save money.

Saving money is one thing and it's important, but the idea is to save water. If you are able to make the investment, to install the saving systems and to use them you will save both water to the planet and money to your bank account.

The water saving systems are divided to some general groups, all of them have the same bottom line: water saving.

The most common water saving products are the ones which are saving water during the usage. You use water for some needs, water are coming from the tap or pipe, the use is the same, but actually, less water are coming. These products are like the water savers in the shower, low flow products and filters. Using water normally, but actually, using less water.

Second kind of water saving products, are the systems to reuse water. Reusing water is simple, if you have the right equipment for that. Think about re using the shower water back to the toilet, the sink water back to the garden and the plants water, instead of dropping to the ground, to more and more plants. After using water one time, think how to collect them and to drive them to the second cause. In this group, all the Gray water systems, Water reusing systems and such.

Third kind of water saving products is the water recycling systems and harvesting systems. The idea is of course to collect rain water and dropping water and to recycle them to be used again. The simple thing is to place the mint plant below the air condition unit. If its in the sun you will have lots of mint in the summer time. All these kind of system are getting bigger and bigger all the way to 1000 liter tanks to install below the house, to collect water during the winter and to recycle them to the garden in the summer.


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