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The internet is full of information regarding water problems and ways to save water. Simple search will show you many pages online, with many ways to save water. The need as I see it is not to memorize all the ways to save water, but to take the right action.

The water problems of conversation and pollution are not new; therefore there are so many technologies and activities for the need to save water. I will not go into all the ways to save water, you can find them online, I will go into the principle of water saving education and the real ways to save water.

It all starts with education and ends with. Since there are many ecological issues and lots of water related issues, each can not cover it all. The most ecological person on earth can not save water, save energy, recycle everything he uses, reduce the electricity consumption, go to all Greenpeace meetings and so on. Its too much and can not be. This is why each must find the best way for him, and the ways to know it is education.

Now search the web and find your best way to save water. If you are an agriculturist, you must know the technologies. For car washing and dish washing, there are simple things to do. While taking showers, doing the laundry, drinking even – all of the above. You can and must find your ways to save water. If obvious that no one can save all the water he is using, this is why I recommend to find the best way for you, the one you believe will be easier for you to save water, and from there to go further.

The educational part of the ecological movements is critical, same while we are talking about ways to save water. Save water at home, at work and on the way. Take the action In door and outdoors. Learn and teach others and join the effort, to save more water.


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